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In the event of divorce or separation, we believe the needs of children is paramount. Matters involving children require great sensitivity. Jordans Solicitors are able to provide the necessary support and expertise in this area.

We believe that the most important factor for a child’s future wellbeing in such situations is to be protected from conflict between the parents. Emotions often run high, and parents can find it hard to set aside their own interests and this can lead to confusion over what is in the child’s interests.


We are able to help with the following:

• Arrangements as to where your children are to live (ie. residence or shared residence arrangements, sometimes known as child custody).

• Applications for Court orders, to include Child Arrangement Orders, specific issue and prohibited steps orders.

• Arrangements for contact.


Jordans Solicitors focus on finding resolutions through discussion and negotiation, but if a more formal approach is required, we are able to guide and assist through Court proceedings whilst keeping the child’s needs paramount. 

The Children Act 1989 is the main legislation which provides the law. Our experienced Family solicitor Barbara Jordan can help anyone who finds themselves in conflict about children.


Jordans offers up to an hour’s free initial consultation appointment with a view to enabling potential clients to meet the firm’s team and obtaining initial advice to assist in all decision making.

If you are experiencing difficulties in relation to contact arrangements with your child, you should arrange a first appointment.


To book a free consultation with Barbara Jordan, email or contact the firm on 01242 386700.

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