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Barbara Jordan, a highly experienced Family Solicitor of Jordans Solicitors is happy to represent those considering divorce.

Her firm deals with all types of divorces, to include those where there is an existing agreement, those with limited assets and areas of dispute, through to complex high value divorces. 

She has extensive experience in divorces involving farms and family businesses and will ensure your case is handled with real care.


The aim of this firm is to ensure that all of their clients obtain the best possible legal advice and end any dispute with their spouse feeling that they have been thoroughly well represented and emerged with the best possible result for their own foreseeable needs.

Jordans offers up to an hour’s free initial consultation appointment with a view to enabling potential clients to meet the firm’s team and obtaining initial advice to assist in all decision making.

For many of those going through divorce, an experienced solicitor is absolutely necessary. Jordans offer support and clear and informative analysis of the legal principles involved in settlement and decision making and should be understood that in most cases once a divorce settlement has been made, it cannot be revisited, and may well affect the rest of the life of both parties. 

If you are considering divorce proceedings, you should arrange a first appointment and if your intentions are clear, you should bring your original marriage certificate to the first appointment.

Divorce can take between 6 and 9 months but a Decree Absolute would not normally be obtained until financial settlement has been achieved. 

We would not advise clients to do it themselves. DIY divorces can seem appealing as there is the potential to save money on solicitors’ fees and it might appear to be a less confrontational way to handle the break-up of your marriage. However serious problems can occur when trying to manage your own divorce without expert help, even when your situation seems relatively straightforward.

To read more information about the 'No Fault Divorce' law, which is set to come into practise in 2022, read our guide.

To book a free consultation with Barbara Jordan, email or contact the firm on 01242 386700.

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